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Our team of native English editors

team member 1


Lead proofreader and Copy Editor

Paul had a previous career in precision engineering for 22 years. He now happily spends his time editing and correcting student papers in the fields of science and engineering.

team member 11


Deputy Editor in Chief

Catherine has been with Grammarproofing for the past 11 years and knows editing of student papers inside out. She specialises in, but is not limited to, manuscripts and journal submissions.

team member 3


Proofreader/Online Editor 

With a wide experience in website creation and maintenance, Alicia keeps us up-to-date with new technologies and trends. As an editor, she handles technical papers with ease.

team member 4


Proofreader and Content Editor

Michael's attention to detail is something that all of our editors aspire to. He specialises in heavy editing and the re-writing of end of term papers, final theses, and journal submissions.

team member 5


Editor, Science and Technical

Andrew is a Grammar Guru. His particular strengths are tense and the correct use of English words and phrases. Highly recommended if you require in depth editing.

team member 6


Copy Editor Specialist

"Auntie" Andrea keeps us all in our place. Her attention to detail is second to none. Paraphrasing and Re-writing are high on her CV of talents.

freelance editors wanted

I have a fantastic group of freelancers that I am constantly on the lookout to add to. This position would suit retired or semi-retired individuals with time on their hands. The vast majority of my client's work comes from students and academics. However, I have an increasing number of inquiries from around the world. Although I like hiring native English speaking Expats from within in Malaysia, this position is open to anyone with an Internet connection, patience, sense of humour, and AN EXCELLENT COMMAND of the English language.

If you think this position is for you, please reply to me HERE.

NOTE - If you would like me to reply to you;

  • Please include your email address and a short synopsis of what you think qualifies you for this job.
  • Treat your response to me as your initial job interview.
  • If you do not receive a reply, you have not read my advert properly and this is the reason why :-)
  • I look forward to hearing from you soon and establishing a long lasting working relationship with you.