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Second Round of Paraphrasing Included***

Education institutions, Schools, Colleges and Universities, are demanding lower and lower similarity scores (percentages). Qualifying scores can often only be achieved after multiple rounds of paraphrasing. At Grammarproofing, we understand that you require the lowest similarity score possible. If you speak/write English as a second language, paraphrasing your own work is difficult and time consuming. When we paraphrase documents, our aim is to maintain your content's meaning, whilst showing the author's understanding of their findings to exemplify their study. Copying work from other sources, even with credits, does not show this same understanding - these findings need to be re-written in the student's own words. This is exactly where GrammarProofing can help you.

Paraphrasing EXTRA - is a "brand new" service for 2022/3. As always, Proofreading and Editing is included at no additional charge. Our editors will correct sentence structure, content, style, and similarity to existing documents (plagiarism).

***Terms and Conditions apply***

You should choose this service if:

  • Your paper has an extremely high similarity score, or....
  • Your School/College/University is insisting on a score lower than 30, 20, or even 10 percent, or....
  • It is extremely important that you achieve a very low similarity score for journal submissions, or....
  • You do not have the time to paraphrase your own work, or....
  • You are uncertain about continuity, sentence construction, word choice, and paragraph flow
  • Your paper is not formatted according to the guidelines of your target journal
  • You have been advised by your tutor/supervisor to reduce the similarity percentage score of your paper


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NOTE** Paraphrasing, Editing or Translation (over 5000 words), or Proofreading (over 8000 words), will be completed in approximately day(s).

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Free Second Round of Re-writing (conditions apply)

To take advantage of a free second round of paraphrasing, you must have sent us your Turnitin report 'before' editing began. See graph below - For example - If your initial similarity score was 100% and we only achieve 51% after editing, you will be entitled to a second round of paraphrasing, absolutely free. Note: The second Turnitin report must be made using the same paper that was returned to you by us, with exactly the same number of words.

In order to avoid any delays, please send your "1st Turnitin" report with your document, and your "2nd Turnitin" report ASAP. We will only consider re-writes that involve the FINAL file that was returned to you after the first round of editing.

Turnaround Times

Our 6 Day service allows you to remain in complete control of your documents, whilst achieving the same high quality offered by our other two packages, along with the ability to receive our lowest possible rates for Advanced Paraphrasing or re-writing services. Turnaround times depend almost entirely on the complexity of the editing required, but as a rough guide, every 5,000 words take approximately 6 days to edit.

This service is generally used by returning customers or businesses, and individuals, who have foreseeable deadlines and budgets; and know that we will get the job done as advertised. Documents will be edited in 4 days, or less, via this package. Second rounds of paraphrasing are included in this package but are subject to our terms and conditions.

48 HOUR PACKAGE (48 hours (2 days) per 5,000 words). As the name implies, this package is best used when time is at a premium and you need your document back in a hurry. The turnaround time is set at 48 hours or less for every 5,000 words submitted to us. We set reasonable limits in order to assure you of an unbeatable combination of both quality and speed of service.

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