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When you are looking towards the future, it is important to remember where you have come from, and what you did to get to where you are now.

"An unchecked document WILL NOT fully convey your message to the reader and the reader WILL NOT take it (or you) seriously!" Whether your business is on the road to future success or you are a struggling student "our NATIVE ENGLISH PROOFREADERS and our NATIVE MALAY and ENGLISH TRANSLATORS will take your work (which we acknowledge as being incredibly important to you), and make it EVEN BETTER."

It is the oldest quote in the book, but one that I firmly believe in:

"The customer is always right!"

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Lead proofreader and Copy Editor

Paul, previously a precision engineer for 22 years, now edits and corrects science and engineering papers.

team member 5


Editor, Science and Technical

Andrew is a Grammar Guru. His particular strengths are tense and the correct use of English words and phrases.

team member 3


Proofreader/Online Editor

With a wide experience in website creation and maintenance, Alicia is able to edit new technology and technical papers with ease.

team member 4


Proofreader and Content Editor

Michael's attention to detail is focused on heavy editing and the re-writing of end of term papers, final theses, etc.

team member 11


Deputy Editor in Chief

Catherine has been with Grammarproofing for 11 years and specialises in manuscripts and journal submissions.

team member 6


Copy Editor Specialist

"Auntie" Andrea keeps us all in our place. Her attention to detail with paraphrasing articles and manuscripts of all genres is second to none.

Do you have what it takes to join my team?

I am always searching for new members to add to my exceptional team of freelancers. This opportunity is well-suited for those who are retired or semi-retired and have extra time. The majority of my clients are students and academics, but I am receiving more global inquiries. While I prefer hiring native English speakers who are expats in Malaysia, this position is open to anyone who has a stable internet connection, is patient, has a sense of humor, and possesses EXCEPTIONAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE SKILLS.

Want to know more? Contact me HERE for more information.

NOTE - If you would like me to reply to you;

  • Please include your email address and a short synopsis of what you think qualifies you for this job.
  • Treat your response to me as your initial job interview.
  • If you do not receive a reply, you have not read my advert properly and this is the reason why :-)
  • I look forward to hearing from you soon and establishing a long lasting working relationship with you.