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English Grammar Correction services

Correcting the English grammar of your official English documents. We are ready, willing, and able to assist you... Grammarproofing proofreaders go beyond “spellcheck” to catch the errors that a computer might miss, to ensure zero grammatical errors. Because our Native English speaking proofreaders come from a wide variety of backgrounds, you can be sure that your personally assigned editor will have experience editing and proofreading documents in your field of business. We will help you to avoid embarrassing misunderstandings by selecting the best words, choosing the correct expressions, and ensuring the proper use of grammar within your document.

Where to begin?

The first contact between GrammarProofing and the customer outlines your timing requirements, budget, and particular handling instructions. Once we receive your document, it will be scrutinised and examined "word by word." Your document will be returned to you in two formats; the first will be the FINAL document, with all editing incorporated; and the second will show all CHANGES made, via MS Word's "Track Changes" feature.

This gives you total control of your document allowing "you" to freely accept or decline any of the amendments made. You should choose this service if:

  • You are quite confident communicating in English in the context of your academic domain
  • You have previous experience in writing papers in English
  • Your paper is already formatted according to the guidelines of your target audience
  • You want us to check whether you have used grammar and punctuation correctly and consistently

Turnaround times

If your deadline is time-critical and you need your document proofread in a hurry, then the 48 Hour package is the one for you. Turnaround time for this service is a maximum of 48 hours for every 8,000 words submitted to us. We set achievable return times that guarantee our customers an unequalled combination of both quality and speed of service.
48 Hour Package
Businesses with foreseeable deadlines and budgets can enjoy the savings and high-quality that this service offers. Documents can enjoy a processing time of just 96 hours or less for every 8,000 words submitted. Yet again, GrammarProofing charges less for this, and indeed, every other service that we provide.
4 Day Package
6 DAY PACKAGE (6 days per 8,000 words). Long-term projects, or a constant flow of documentation between Businesses and Clients, are best suited to our 6 Day Package - offering the same high standard of proofreading excellence, coupled with unparalleled cost savings. Simply use the Quick Quote generator above or Contact Us directly with details of your long-term project, and we will tailor-make a package that is just right for your business.
6 Day Package

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