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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Work will only begin 'after' we have received your notification of payment. This must be either via my online payment forms for Credit/Debit card and PayPal payments, or receipts of Direct Bank Transfers. Ocassionally, Bank Transfers can take longer than expected. To avoid delays, make sure your transfer is "instant."

The clock starts running from the minute that you send me your payment notification and finishes after the allotted number of hours/days have passed subject to your choice of package.

A question that I am frequently asked and something that I realise is the cultural norm in certain parts of the world. I have set my prices to be fair, competitive and a genuine reflection of the editing skills that me and my staff offer to all of my clients. At the start of the pandemic (March, 2020), I lowered all of my prices by 65% of my previous prices. Since then, I have not increased my prices or altered the fantastic service that I offer, even though the world is in the grip of a consumer energy prices emergency. I won't be offended if you continue to ask me for further discount, but I hope you won't be offended if I politely refuse :-).

Yes! However, we will NOT write your work for you! We are not content creators!

Yes! Just ask me when you place your order, let me know the author(s) name(s) to put on the certificate, and I will prepare that for you after completion and return of your work to you.

Yes! However, we will NOT write your work for you! We are not content creators!

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