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A little bit about us

In the ever increasing expansion of GrammarProofing’s services, it is with enormous pleasure that we introduce the ability for customers to comment, exchange ideas, or even just chat about all things proofreading related.

This comes just a short time after we gave customers the choice of paying for our services by credit/debit cards. This feature on it’s own makes GrammarProofing.com a market leader. No other Proofreading/Editing business in Asia provides, not just an instant quote, but a facility to make payment immediately.

So what does this mean to the client – it means that we start working for you even quicker than ever before. And that makes me smile 🙂

GrammarProofing began trading in 2009, and five years on, we are continuing to innovate and improve our services, with the sole intention of assisting our customers better.

Regards, Philip Morgan

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