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Step 1 - Word Count

How many words are in your document(s)

Microsoft Word displays your word count on the lower status bar of your open document.

Fear not - if you are unable to find your word count, simply e-mail your document(s) to us, and we will work it all out for you.


Step 2 - "Your" Deadline

We will return your paper on time

How quickly do you need your documents returned to you?

Use "your" personal deadline to determine which package is right for you.


Step 3 - Package

Choose a package that suits your needs

Select from either Academic Proofreading, Essential Editing, Paraphrasing for Plagiarism, Corporate Proofreading, or Translation services.

Note: Translation, Essential Editing and Paraphrasing services include proofreading free of charge.


Step 4 - Submit your document(s), make your payment, sit back, and relax

Get your editor working for you fast

All of this can be achieved from our PAYMENTS page; Check your package details, enter your fee into our secure online payments form, and upload your documents. Alternatively, you can pay via Online Banking or PayPal - the choice is entirely yours.


Document formats

GrammarProofing's proofreaders and translators work using Microsoft Office Word software. We accept a wide variety of formats, such as .txt or .xml files, and feel that MS Word allows a great deal of flexibility (due to its "Track Changes" feature) that allows clients to see exactly what has been changed in their final document.

Rapid turnaround times

grammarproofing logoEven though we "always" attempt to return documents as quickly as, it is important that you select the correct package for your deadline.

reduced service rates
GrammarProofing is currently offering up to 42% discount on all of our services. This offer is open to both new and existing customers and will last for the Winter and Spring months for 2017/18 only, so don't miss out.


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If you have any special requirements or supporting material for your document - such as a Turnitin report - please email them to us along with your original document.

Grammarproofing have made every effort to ensure that you select the righ package for you. Before making your payment, please check that the number of words entered, the package and turnaround time selected, and the fees displayed are correct. Altering these details after we have begun editing may incurr additional costs.

If in doubt, please CONTACT us here.