Academic Proofreading - for Students and Academics (only)

Available for Students, Lecturers, Tutors and other academics. We help you to see the bigger picture. Consider this "Success is not a measure of how far you have got, but of the distance you have travelled from where you started."

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Correcting your English grammar

Proofreading is the process of examining the final draft of a document or text to ensure there are absolutely no errors. Our proofreaders will review for spelling errors, punctuation errors, typos or incorrect use of regional English (i.e. ensuring that you have used American English or British English when necessary).

...where to begin...

The first contact between GrammarProofing and the customer outlines your timing requirements, budget, and particular handling instructions. Once we receive your document, it will be scrutinised and examined "word by word."

Your document will be returned to you in two formats; the first will be the FINAL document, with all editing incorporated; and the second will show all CHANGES made, via MS Word's "Track Changes" feature.

This gives you total control of your document allowing "you" to freely accept or decline any of the amendments made.

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Services that are right for you

Student/Academic proofreading

Our expert proofreaders will focus on correcting technical errors related to grammar and punctuation that will improve the overall presentation of your paper. Use our Proofreading service if:

  • You are quite confident communicating in English in the context of your academic domain.
  • You have previous experience in writing papers in English.
  • Your paper is already formatted according to the guidelines of your target audience.
  • You want us to check whether you have used grammar and punctuation correctly and consistently.


How many words in your document(s)

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**For documents with over 5000 words (editing/translation) or 8000 words (proofreading)
**Your document will take approximately day(s) to edit



(48 hours (2 days) per 8,000 words)

Planning, researching, and writing your thesis, manuscript, etc., takes time. Before you know it, your submission deadline is just around the corner. This is where GrammarProofing's 48 Hour package can be your saviour.

To submit a less-than-perfect piece of work would be a travesty, because you know your subject backwards, forwards and from every other angle. Don't let time stand in the way of your fully deserved pass-mark. The turnaround time for this service is a maximum of 48 hours for every 8,000 words submitted to us.

Other companies claim faster times for unlimited document sizes, but ask yourself, "at what sacrifice does that claim come? - poor quality or attention to detail?"



(4 days per 8,000 words)

This service is our most popular package for returning student customers. Individuals who have foreseeable deadlines and budgets know that we will get the job done as advertised. Documents enjoy a processing time of 96 hours (or less) for every 8,000 words submitted to us.

The Proofreading industry sets average fees for all turnaround times and document sizes. Yet again, GrammarProofing charges less for this service (and indeed, every other service that we offer).

We set reasonable limits in order to assure you of an unequalled combination of both quality and speed of service.



(6 days per 8,000 words)

Long-term projects mean that you may be submitting one Chapter every other week. We are here to assist you! Simply estimate your total number of words for the complete thesis, and based on that estimate, you can hire GrammarProofing with a 50% down-payment.

Once your final Chapter has been completed, you will receive a final bill for the balance, and whether it is higher or lower than your original estimate, you will only be charged for the exact number of words submitted. Each 8,000 words will be turned around within 6 days or less.

NOTE: This service is intended for longer-term projects. If your document needs to be returned within 48 to 100 hours, please choose one of our other packages.