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Not sure which service you require, let us help you decide. Look at the descriptions below and choose the one that best fits your requirements.

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My document requires TRANSLATION from Bahasa Malaysia to British English (or Vice Versa)

Whichever language pair you choose - Bahasa Malaysia to British English or British English to Bahasa Malaysia, this service includes proofreading at no additional cost.

Translate your Abstract or your complete thesis with complete confidence that your paper will be easily understood by your target audience.

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I'm happy with the structure and formatting of my paper - I think only need PROOFREADING

Our expert proofreaders will focus on correcting technical errors related to grammar and punctuation. Use our Proofreading service if:

  • You want us to check whether you have used grammar and punctuation correctly and consistently.

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I'm not confident writing in English - I think the syntax, word use, tense, sentence structure (EDITING), along with proofreading, all need to be done.

In addition to proofreading, choose our Essential Editing service if:

  • You are not sure whether you have used the correct spelling, capitalization, punctuation, verb tenses, etc. (We will also correct minor formatting errors)
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We are uncomfortable writing in British English but have a requirement for our material to be written in faultless English. We understand that if we want to trade internationally, we must convey our material in the international language of business - English (PARAPHRASING for PLAGIARISM).

If you have supporting material for your document (such as reports memorandums) please include these.

In addition to Proofreading and Editing, our editors will address issues related to structure, content gaps, overall style, similarity to existing documents, thereby ensuring that your document achieves its underlying objectives in a consistent and engaging manner. You should choose this service if:

  • You are not at all or you are only mildly comfortable with communicating in English in the context of your domain.
  • You have minimal or zero experience in writing papers in English.
  • You don't have the time to check and/or you haven't reviewed the structure and the overall organization of your paper.
  • You are not sure if you have used correct spelling, capitalization, punctuation, verb tenses, article usage, etc.
  • You are uncertain about continuity, sentence construction, word choice, and paragraph flow.
  • Your paper is long, and you feel you might not have used consistent terms or expressions.
  • Your paper is not formatted according to the guidelines of your target audience.
  • You have been advised by your supervisor to have your work reviewed and edited accordingly.
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If you have any special requirements or supporting material for your document - such as a Turnitin report - please email them to us along with your original document.

Grammarproofing have made every effort to ensure that you select the righ package for you. Before making your payment, please check that the number of words entered, the package and turnaround time selected, and the fees displayed are correct. Altering these details after we have begun editing may incurr additional costs.

If in doubt, please CONTACT us here.