Essential Editing - Enhanced error correction for both Students & Businesses

Under GrammarProofing's Essential Editing service, our expert editors will concentrate on irradicating errors related to grammar, syntax, word choice, and sentence construction. Correcting these elements will contribute towards improving the logical flow and final presentation of your paper.

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To “copyedit” a document is to proofread it whilst ensuring style consistency with other content from the company or publication.

The copyeditor's job is to make the copy "clear, correct, concise, comprehensible, and consistent."

When looking for a copyeditor, you should ensure they have the talented eye of a proofreader as well as additional expertise in matters of different styles of writing. Measures of consistency include making sure names, locations and dates are always treated the same way.

In summary - A copyeditor proofreads with an added expertise in ensuring style consistency appropriate to a publication or organization.

Good news - Grammarproofing can assist you in all aspects of ensuing your work is fit for purpose.

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Services that are right for you

Essential Editing

In addition to proofreading, errors related to syntax, word choice, and sentence construction will be corrected. You should choose our Essential Editing service if:

  • You are comfortable communicating in English language in the context of your academic domain.
  • You have moderate experience in writing papers in English.
  • Although your paper is formatted according to the guidelines of your target audience, it still requires minor alterations.
  • You are not sure whether you have used the correct spelling, capitalization, punctuation, verb tenses, etc.


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**For documents with over 5000 words (editing/translation) or 8000 words (proofreading)
**Your document will take approximately day(s) to edit



(48 hours (2 days) per 5,000 words)

As the name implies, this package is best used when time is at a premium and you need your document back in a hurry.

Turnaround time set at 48 hours or less for every 5,000 words submitted to us.

We set reasonable limits in order to assure you of an unequalled combination of both quality and speed of service



(4 days per 5,000 words)

This service is generally used by returning customers or businesses and individuals who have foreseeable deadlines and budgets and know that we will get the job done as advertised. Documents will be edited in 4 days or less through this package.

The Proofreading industry sets average fees for all turnaround timings and document sizes and yet again, GrammarProofing charges less for this and every service we offer.



(6 days per 5,000 words)

Our 6 Day service allows you to remain in complete control of your documents, whilst achieving the same high quality offered by our other two packages, and the ability to receive our lowest possible rates for Paraphrasing or re-writing services.

Turnaround times depend almost entirely on the complexity of the editing required, but as a rough guide, every 5,000 words take approximately 6 days to edit.