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  • university student proofreadingDeadline - 6 days (per 8000 words), Project - Conference papers for proofreading and grammar correction, Client - University professor

    "...for my 21 papers 3 months ago, all papers have been published"

    - Dr Azree - MY

  • paraphrasing with grammarproofingDr Azree has since submitted a further 36 papers for proofreading, and another 200 papers are expected in October 2014

    "...for my 21 papers 3 months ago, all papers have been published"

    - Philip Morgan -

  • student paper editingDeadline - 8 days, Project - Final thesis, proofreading and grammar correction, Client - Student

    "Thank you for the efficient service. Will definitely ask for your help in my thesis"

    - SHANAZ - MY

  • thesis correction servicesDeadline - 48 hours, Project - Manuscript proofreading, Client - Student

    "I am very appreciated for your help and the great job you did on my paper."

    - BENOOSH - MY

  • manual submissionsLong-term client, multiple papers, usually for a 4 day deadline - Final thesis, proofreading and grammar correction, Client - Student

    "More papers to come soon Mr Phil; thank you for an excellent service"

    - Dr Mostafa G - MY

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